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Date: 19 Sep 2019 Title: V0.1 Release Candidate

Today, I registred my package on PyPI repository. In other words, you just have to type:

pip install FrictionlessDarwinCore

to get it on your computer and you can start using the CLI:

fdwca --help

  -f, --format [json|md]  Output format
  --help                  Show this message and exit.

# convert from local DwC archive
fdwca myDwC.zip myDP.zip

# convert from URL (archive accessible on internet)
fdwca https://ipt.biodiversity.be/archive.do?r=rbins_saproxilyc_beetles S1dp.zip

# only generates JSON descriptor (datapackage.json)
fdwca -f json https://ipt.biodiversity.be/archive.do?r=rbins_saproxilyc_beetles datapackage.json

# only generates markdown human readable metadata (readme.md)
fdwca -f md https://ipt.biodiversity.be/archive.do?r=rbins_saproxilyc_beetles readme.md

Hurrah! your DarwinCore archives are now compatible with Data Package specifications and a bunch of Frictionless Data Software such as OpenRefine3.0 or goodtables. This release, passing the seven Darwin Core test cases can now be announced to the GBIF/TDWG community. see FrictionlessDarwinCore package on GitHub.